Unox provides ovens and services that are designed to meet the most ambitious quality and business challenges – uncompromised quality, innovative and bold choices, proved and measurable efficiency and reliability.

Unox have been specialising in the manufacture of ovens for around 25 years and our dealings with them started a few years ago. We particularly like the broad range of oven sizes and specifications, they’re well made & offer great value.

We offer 2 different product groups within their range.

Line Miss

High performance and reliability. In a practical compact format – the ideal solution for bakeries and patisserie to get the same perfect results as with UNOX’s larger ovens, but in a compact format. The perfect combination of advanced technology, high performance, reliability and durability.

Available in either 460mm x 330mm or 600mm x 400mm grid sizes with 3 or 4 shelf options. These ovens are ideal for general baking and cooking requirements & are available with water injection option.

Some key features:

  • Cooking Temperature from 30°C – 260°C
  • Auto reversing fans, twin fans in the 600×400 models.
  • Humidity injection (some versions programmable), ideal for some breads
  • Very even temperature throughout oven chamber
  • Built-in Rotor.KLEANTM automatic washing technology guarantees perfect hygiene and the ideal long-term upkeep of the oven and its components.
  • Safe and simple handling
  • Touch control

Bakerlux (manual) & Bakertop (electronic)

These ovens are heavier duty than the Line Miss & are available in 4, 6, 10 or 16 grid options, all 600mm x 400mm at 80mm grid spacing, with features aimed primarily for the bakery & pastry user.

Some key features:

  • Convection baking 30°C – 260°C
  • Mixed steam & baking 48°C – 260°C with steam 30%-100%
  • Core probe
  • Auto reversing fans, 6 speeds
  • Auto cleaning
  • Prover available
  • Bake frozen bread – Ventilation in the cooking chamber can be easily regulated. Frozen bread rapidly becomes golden, with a fragrant and uniform result. As if freshly baked.

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